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Mother, She Writes

Hi and a hug to you fellow hurried yet hopeful traveler,

I want to welcome you into this space where my intention is to encourage, cheer, empower, and walk side by side with you (because I am definitely still on this journey too) as we let go of things that keep us hurried so we can live in the freedom we were created for.

If you are over (or under) whelmed , under-rested, internally screaming/praying for more time and space to just breathe and create something beautiful in your life, well then, you are in good company, my friend.

This is a place to drop your burdens and excess, and pick up only what you need for the next leg of your journey on creating a life you just know you are made for. Basically, getting back to basics, on your terms.

There is hope and healing in your story. Remember that. You get to write your next chapter.

Here’s to us getting free from all that holds us and leaning into what really matters most.

I’m so happy you’re here.

Xo, Sky

Oh Hi, I’m Sky

It’s so good to finally meet you…

I love Jesus, my babies, words and connecting with kindred souls. I also love the mountains, the sea, snacking and 80s tv.

Truth be told, things have been tough for some time, and trudging through it all can be plain hard. But getting back to essentials has been a bouy in these storms and I want to encourage you as I have been. There is a way through and on the other side, light. So if you, too, are in some dark days and need to be reminded and equipped for this season you’re in a safe space. You’re not alone and you will rise again.

Let’s swim together, friend.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Cheesecake candy canes candy powder tiramisu icing gingerbread. Chocolate croissant sugar plum candy.

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